About Us

Power of Touch Wellness is a unique treatment clinic dedicated to restoring movement and alleviating pain caused by dysfunctional muscle tissue.  This begins with a thorough medical history, along with an evaluation of  posture, mobility, body mechanics, and any factors that may perpetuate the pain. Treatment consists of gentle, specialized and non-invasive manual therapies.  We also  provide instruction for simple movements and self-treatment techniques that may be performed by the client in the comfort of his or her own home. We strongly encourage our clients to become actively involved in their own care, as this greatly enhances the extent and speed of recovery.


Our Location

Power of Touch Wellness is conveniently located just minutes from the City of Pittsburgh, with easy access from the Parkway East. Our clinic offers a private, peaceful environment in which our clients may fully relax during a treatment session.

We provide a wide array of appointments, including daytime, evening, early morning and weekend time slots.  As such, our clients enjoy maximum convenience, while avoiding the frustrations of long waits and noisy waiting rooms.


Anita Scaglione

anitaAnita Amato Scaglione is a nationally Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  She discovered myofascial trigger point therapy in her ongoing search for effective ways to maintain balance and flexibility in her own mind and body. Her goal for her clients  is to restore their normal mobility, eliminate their pain, and identify factors that perpetuate their pain cycle. She believes that myofascial trigger point therapy works because it is natural and non-invasive,  yet founded on sound medical and scientific principles. She applies the same in-depth, comprehensive, analytical approach to wellness as she did in her previous career as a successful trial lawyer for many years.



Pa. License No. MSG007153